Becoming more yourself Why is this desire so powerful? Why is this desire so powerful?

Becoming more yourself
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Submissive women sometimes wonder why they have such a powerful desire to be carefully corrected and well-controlled by the man whose authority they live under. It is a powerful desire, in my opinion, because they have made intellectual contact with powerful emotional forces. For most, the world is cacophonous... women's minds and feelings clash horribly. What they have heard they should be, and what their feminine feelings tell them they should be, are forever at odds. When she asks “just to be held”... what does that mean? It is the modern woman's acknowledgement that she yearns to be protected and nurtured and cared about, and yes, therefore vulnerable; she asks for a man stronger than herself to surround her, envelop her and protect her from a world that often is cold and harsh and brutal. Relative to facing by herself the vicissitudes of a callous and indifferent world, a little nude whipping is nothing at all!

 The desires of sub women
Your crime, ladies, is that you are bright enough and insightful enough and most importantly, honest enough to understand the truth of what your body tells you.
Most women force away the energy of their submissive tendencies, divert it, as it were, to other more worldly (and politically-correct!) pursuits. And they are left with a lot of worldly accomplishments by day, but with frigidity, frustration, and anger to comfort them at night. Your drive is strong because it is unadulterated; it is directly from you, from your heart.

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 Becoming more yourself

It's like I've found my true self under layers of society's dictates and now I've found myself, I've become more myself Feeling more yourself – and indeed in a sense being more yourself – is the natural result of gaining deeper insight into yourself. It is a bit like the psychological analogue of the acoustic state of sympathetic vibration. An object vibrates in harmony with some other object that is emitting acoustic energy, causing a tone (resonance). When you gain insight into yourself, it is as though your knowledge of yourself and your self are resonating with each other and reinforcing each other. This is true no matter whether you are a Taken In Hand person or a completely different sort of person.

 Contemporary cultural norms
Many women would like a submissive relationship, but because of certain powerful intellectual movements of the 20th century, for example certain forms of feminism, the voices of these women have been drowned out. Sometimes the force of contemporary cultural norms can suppress the hidden but beautiful sensual desires of an entire group of people. The point is that the desires of submissive women are important, too.

Many submissive women are perfectly capable of being doctors and presidents, of pursuing worldly gain. But such endeavors can often be at the expense of serving their husbands and families, arguably at least as high a calling. It is wrong to silence women with such feelings, desires, and values, though they be different from the feminist norm.
And men like me will continue to appreciate the exceptional beauty and refinement of women who serve their husbands and families with deference and grace.

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 Worldly gain vs domestic bliss?
A lot of the women who post on this site have demanding careers that require a lot of dedication and skill, and they seem to have no problems with deferring to their husbands in private. Serving society and serving one's family aren't mutually exclusive aims, although many people seem to think that women have to choose either one or the other. Michael's article, like many others featured on this site, wistfully hearkens back to an era, before feminism and 'political correctness,' where men wore the pants and women knew their place. I've often wondered if this nostalgia is well-founded: when I look at the older couples I know, their relationships are just as likely to be egalitarian or female-dominant as male-dominant. Furthermore, some aspects of taken in hand relationships have never enjoyed widespread social acceptance, even when male dominance in relationships was the accepted norm. Many people, including people who have very traditional ideas about sex-roles, would be shocked at the idea of domestic discipline, for instance. I suspect that the erotic frisson of taken in hand relationships would be diminished for many people if they became the norm, anyway!

It is a daunting task to fully serve the family, obey one's husband, and have a career. Although rarely appropriate when children are young, a woman in a relationship should indeed be able to work outside of the home if permitted by her husband, but only if she is the type of woman with immense fortitude, since the tasks of a woman at home require a full time effort.
It is also important for a man allowing a woman a career to watch her very carefully, to make sure that she is not too tired from all of her obligations.

"I suspect that the erotic frisson of submissive relationships would be diminished for many people if they became the norm, anyway!" Well, let us give it a try then, and see how it will be! "Michael's article, like many others featured on this site, wistfully hearkens back to an era, before feminism and 'political correctness,' where men wore the pants and women knew their place."

Indeed, in many societies, women were considered very nearly property! But there is no need to "hearken back" so far. We can borrow from these societies the idea that men should possess their women fully, without the legal necessity of ownership!

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